Comparing Different Window Options for Your Home

Posted on: 29th May, 2022

Windows are one of the most important parts of any home. Not only do they decide how much sunlight and weather get into your home, but they also seal the deal on the style of your property and how people view it. If you’re trying to figure out what type of windows your home needs […]


Inspecting Masonry Conditions before Replacing Windows

Posted on: 10th August, 2021

Windows are a necessity in our modern built environment. As with any building material, environmental factors cause windows to degrade over time. The majority of manufactures only warranty windows for about 20 years. Old windows tend to develop leaks easily during cold and wet weather as the wood and metal often breaks down. In order […]


What are AAMA Ratings for Windows & Doors

Posted on: 24th August, 2017 | Tags:

AAMA stands for American Architectural Manufacturers Association. An AAMA rating for fenestration is the standard for replacement windows and doors in Chicago by which companies products are accreted. The AAMA rating uses “Performance Grade” as a measurement rating. There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration when measuring the performance grade of a […]


What is a Rough Opening?

Posted on: 16th August, 2017 | Tags: ,

A rough opening is the opening that is left in a frame wall where the window frame will sit. The measurements of the rough opening will be important for you to choose the right window frame size. The actual window size will be lesser as the frame will have a header, sill, and vertical trimmers […]


How Weep Holes Work and their Purpose

Posted on: 24th July, 2017 | Tags:

  Weep holes are gaps that are generally left between a few bricks in external walls or bottom edge and sills of windows and doors. They are intentionally left that way and serve an important purpose in ventilation and drainage. Weep should not be caulked or blocked in any way, as this will defeat the […]


What are Energy Star windows?

Posted on: 13th June, 2017 | Tags:

  We have spoken to you in earlier blogs about ensuring that the windows you buy are qualified with an Energy Star. This blog will discuss what it means to be Energy Star Qualified. What is an Energy Star? Simply put, an Energy Star on your windows, doors and skylights ensures that they are tested […]


What is a Mullion?

Posted on: 10th May, 2017 | Tags:

  According to Wiki, “A mullion is a vertical element that forms a division between units of a window, door, or screen, or is used decoratively.” Mullions could be used to provide structural support to an arch, or to support glazing, in addition to being used for a decorative purpose.A mullion is used to transfer wind loads, weight of […]


Dual-Pane Glass for Energy Efficiency

Posted on: 7th April, 2017

Windows account for 30 percent or more of a home’s heating losses! Now that’s a lot of loss of energy and needs some definite looking into. In this blog, we will discuss dual-pane glass as a solution to this and see how it contributes to energy efficiency.   Dual-Pane glass and energy efficiency   The […]


Using a swing stage

Posted on: 16th February, 2017 | Tags:

In our business of window replacement in Chicago, our window experts are adept at using the swing stage to effectively take care of our customers’ window replacement needs. Here are a few things about a swing stage that you need to know. A swing stage is a suspended platform, which can be raised or lowered […]


Understanding U-Factor

Posted on: 9th February, 2017

The U-factor, or U-Value, of a window assembly is a nationally recognized rating method to indicate the rate of heat loss. A low U-factor indicates that a window has good insulating properties and has good resistance to heat flow. The lower the better. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) accords a U-factor rating to the […]