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Hopper Windows – Their Prevalence in Mid-Rise and High-Rise Buildings

Posted on: 6th July, 2016 | Tags:

  Hopper windows are generally hinged at the bottom and open inward, rather than opening by sliding or lifting as with conventional windows. These are energy efficient, durable and attractive and hence are used prominently in mid-rise and high-rise buildings here in the windy city. In fact, we’ve done a number of these window replacement […]


Reliable Window Companies in Chicago

  As you know, there are many replacement windows companies to choose from in the Chicago land area. A good, reliable company should be able to provide great workmanship and excellent customer service. We’ve received many calls from disgruntled customers that have had bad experiences with other window companies. We strive to give each project […]


What makes us stand out?

  Yellow Pages keep spewing out random numbers and Yelp is just not cutting it.  Maybe Angie’s list will do better?  Nope.  That is because you are looking in all the wrong places for the right people for your job!  Look no further because this small business is where you have finally met who you […]


Improving the Look of Your House with Windows

  “A house without books is like a room without windows,”” When God closes a door he opens a window to explore,” “Let there be many windows to your soul, that all the glory of the world may beautify it” … so many quotes on windows really! But that’s the beauty of a window; it […]