The Process!


What is the process of getting an estimate and a service?  Well let us go into this very easy process.  Step number one, give us a call!  Or if you would rather, there is always the email option so we can speak that way.  After a free estimate is scheduled for that week or the following, our window company in Chicago will come out and take a look at your issue at hand.  Whether it be a replacement job or a repair job, we can assist you both ways.

Once we come out and take a look, it is now up to you.  You either can take us as your home window replacement company or choose to decline.  We prefer you stick with us, which is what most people do.  See in our eyes once you have accepted our offer, you become a lifelong client that we will catch up with and answer any questions or concerns. We will care about your problems even after the fact.

After the best replacement windows are installed, we close the job and collect the rest of the payment.  We always follow up and make sure your happiness has been met with our work, which is about 99% of the time.  So hit us up and we will get you started on this simple process!