Double-Hung Windows – Why they’re so Popular


Double-hung windows are windows that feature two operating sashes. These can move both up and down, giving you options for ventilation on either the top and bottom, or both. Being a major window installation and replacement company in Chicago (for both residential but mostly commercial windows), we’ve found that these types of windows are very popular nowadays.

Double-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows only have one operating sash on the lower side, which only allows for lower ventilation. However, with double-hung, due to the two operating sash you get the flexibility to open them as you like it, with the ventilation openings as per your preference. Also, on double-hung windows the sash tilt in, which makes it super easy to clean – ideal if you live in a dusty area.

Double-hung windows are also hugely popular due to the fact that they don’t open outward. These are the perfect solution for windows that face areas that could be restricted with outward opening windows, such as porches, decks and walkways.