Double Paned windows for Energy Efficiency

Nearly 25% of the heating and cooling costs in Chicago homes and America can be attributed to energy loss that is directly related to the kind of windows used, says the Department of Energy. As can be seen in the diagram below from a report from the U.S Department of Energy – replacement windows play a major role in controlling the energy flow through the home and the environment.

Window replacement chicago

The way to energy efficiency is thus obvious – energy-efficient window technologies!

Double-Pane glass are top on the list of simple ways to increase energy efficiency. Additional panes create still air spaces, which helps greatly in the insulating factor. It has been found that a double-paned can reduce energy usage by 24 % in cold weather and by 18% during the summer  [Steve Poitz, a member of the Canadian Window Standards Subcommittee]. This has a direct impact on the environment too, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and burning of fossil fuels.

As seen, there are more benefits than one to fitting a double paned window in your home. Talk to us today and we will get you fitted out in a jiffy!