Various Types of Replacement Windows


Why do we call it Replacement Windows in the first place? Can’t any window be used to replace an old one? Are there different kinds of Replacement Windows? What are my options?

That is a lot of questions and this news will answer all of them for you. First up: Can’t any window be used to replace an old one?

Not really. A new construction window comes with something called a nailing fin (a rim which allows you to fasten the window on the wall. Now most likely, when you have to replace a window, this nailing fin is already in place, so you need windows without the fin – that is where Replacement Windows come in. They come with fasteners that allow you to easily install it on the existing window frame.

Replacement windows chicago

Are there different kinds of Replacement Windows? – Yes.

What are my options? – There are various types of Replacement Windows, here are some types:

  1. Double-hung windows – these have upper and lower sashes that are operable allowing a free circulation of air.

  2. Single-hung windows – In this type of window, there is only one operable sash.

  3. Sliding windows – These have panels that can slide along tracks, allowing you to keep half the window open for circulation.

  4. Accent windows – These are fixed and do not allow ventilation, but come in different shapes to make it a decorative fixture.

  5. Glass block windows – These are usually break-resistant glass blocks sealed with mortar and combined as one. These windows afford you privacy without shutting off the light.

There are many more options to choose from, drop us a line and we will tell you all about them.