Aluminum Windows vs. Residential Windows

A common question we’ve heard when doing replacement window jobs here in Chicago is whether you should opt for aluminum windows or residential (vinyl) windows. Well, we put our window company skills together for you to lay out the pros and cons of each.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are stronger than traditional residential windows, so are good for areas that have extreme temperatures and high winds. As they have more mass (about three times more than vinyl), they also stop more noise coming in the vinyl windows. Aluminum frames are also generally thinner, which give a modern look and feel that is good for larger, commercial buildings and high rises. They also tend to come in larger size windows than residential windows..

Residential windows

Residential Windows

Residential windows are durable and generally require very little maintenance. They are scratch resistant and corrosion free, and not vulnerable to cracking and marring. They have high energy efficiency and are generally cheaper than aluminum windows. They come in a limited range of colors and so you may not get the exact color preference, and they do have a slightly utilitarian look about them.

Hope this information helps!