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What is a Mullion?

Posted on: 10th May, 2017 | Tags:

  According to Wiki, “A mullion is a vertical element that forms a division between units of a window, door, or screen, or is used decoratively.” Mullions could be used to provide structural support to an arch, or to support glazing, in addition to being used for a decorative purpose.A mullion is used to transfer wind loads, weight of […]


Grids in windows

Posted on: 27th January, 2017 | Tags:

To grid or not to grid is the question! Having handled scores of window replacement requirements in Chicago, we know a thing or two about all that is involved in replacing a window. Although window replacement might be a move to rectify an issue in your current window, it is also an opportunity to add […]


Double-Hung Windows – Why they’re so Popular

  Double-hung windows are windows that feature two operating sashes. These can move both up and down, giving you options for ventilation on either the top and bottom, or both. Being a major window installation and replacement company in Chicago (for both residential but mostly commercial windows), we’ve found that these types of windows are […]


Why We Love to Replace Windows

Posted on: 20th July, 2016 | Tags:

  At Chicago Windows & Doors, we love to replace windows! It’s our key area of expertise and we have fun doing it at the same time. In fact, we travel to many areas in Chicago to carry out window replacement jobs. As the premier window company in Chicago, we want to do our part […]


Replacing Windows in High Rise Buildings

Posted on: 13th July, 2016 | Tags:

A lot of Chicago’s high rise buildings that were built in the last 20 or 30 years would be coming up to that time where you need to look for window replacements. Does this apply to your home or office? If so, here are some tips that will help you get started in replacing your […]


Window Safety Tips

Posted on: 11th July, 2016 | Tags:

With over 10 years of experience as a window company in Chicago, we’ve learned a lot of safety tips through the many window replacement jobs we’ve handled. To keep you safe and happy we’ve listed a few of them here for you: Keep windows and doors locked when it is windy, even when you are […]


When is the Best Time to Replace Windows?

Posted on: 21st May, 2016 | Tags: ,

If it is broken, then we would say right about now! But if it can wait, then its best you take some time to weigh out which time of the year is best for window replacements. Replacing windows isn’t a time intensive project- usually done in a few days (average size project) – which means […]


Various Types of Replacement Windows

Posted on: 11th May, 2016 | Tags: ,

  Why do we call it Replacement Windows in the first place? Can’t any window be used to replace an old one? Are there different kinds of Replacement Windows? What are my options? That is a lot of questions and this news will answer all of them for you. First up: Can’t any window be […]


Double Paned windows for Energy Efficiency

Posted on: 27th April, 2016 | Tags:

Nearly 25% of the heating and cooling costs in Chicago homes and America can be attributed to energy loss that is directly related to the kind of windows used, says the Department of Energy. As can be seen in the diagram below from a report from the U.S Department of Energy – replacement windows play […]


The Process!

Posted on: 8th August, 2014 | Tags: ,

  What is the process of getting an estimate and a service?  Well let us go into this very easy process.  Step number one, give us a call!  Or if you would rather, there is always the email option so we can speak that way.  After a free estimate is scheduled for that week or […]